Friday Foolishness- health, government, etc.

From my "There's no such thing as a free lunch" file, I just found out today that many of the states are taxing the $4500 people got for the "cash for clunkers" program. Imagine the surprise. You not only pay tax and license for your new car (tax on the full price of the car) but then come to find out in some states you will also pay income tax on it. I live in California and could not find anything on their website about a tax, but many states have already incorporated it. You may want to check with the governing tax board in your state. Nice aye?

Anyone who reads this blog cannot help but know how I feel about Big Pharma and some of their underhanded shinanagins. You would also know how I feel about the vaccine Gardasil. It seems a new report has come to light that Merk, the maker of Gardasil payed doctors to promote the vaccine. Why does this not surprise me? Merck has admitted that it provided $199,000 to the ACHA, $300,000 to the ASCCP, and $250,000 to the SGO to fund "education efforts." Then these organizations wonder why people like me don't trust them. It's my daughters that are subject to their greed.

Dr. William Campbell Douglas II says that according to a leaked document from the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, in order to make up for a $200 million budget deficit, the organization is considering cutting over 6,000 surgeries and closing over 25 percent of its operating rooms (after all, if you're canceling surgeries, what do you need the operating rooms for?). How's Obamacare sounding now? Do you really think if this passes it won't be another place to do budget cuts?

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