We Did It! From One End of the State To The Other...

If you had been following along before now, then you know we had to leave Capitola. I will tell you, I love mobile home living, but never again unless you own the land underneath it also. I owned that mobile since my late husband died in 1995 and in the end, it wasn't worth two cents. I don't mean the actual value, like a dollar price, (although it wasn't worth 2 cents that way either) but the way these lawyers are able to help park owners cheat people out of their homes is amazing. With the park owner of the Surf and Sand, because so many people in there are older and really low income, it seems impossible to stop him whether he does things legally or illegally. I can't tell you how much money was pooled together to try and stop him, how many of us begged the City for some kind of help, and all of it was to no avail.

But now, we have gone the complete opposite as far as scenery is concerned. Oh, we're once again living in a mobile/manufactured home, but the land is part of the deal, along with the Homeowner's Association. What I mean is the "culture shock" of going from living by the ocean, to living in the desert.

In one way when you drive through here, there is so much flat desert land and it seems so vast. No green. Then you go through another part and it's all beautiful, green golf courses, and homes like Beverly Hills. I look behind the homes across the street and see beautiful mountain tops with snow on them. The couple of plants we have in the rocks out in front of our house I wasn't even sure if I'm supposed to water or not. LOL.

And I can't believe I actually love it here! I don't know why. You spend time in the forest, you spend time near the ocean, and you just drink in the beauty. You can't help but love it. I drive by brown and sand, and more sand, and I have to look it up on "google" to find out what is to love here. LOL. For some reason I just do.

Besides feeling like a cat with 9 lives, I also feel like the Clampetts, who just picked up and moved everything to Beverly Hills (except they had money. LOL). I need to put a big "shout out" to my girlfriend Shirley in Capitola, and Tom's son Scott, who made it possible for us to do this. This is twice now Scott has been there for us when it came to moving from place to place. God Bless him. We owe you big time, Son. LOL. And Shirley, cocktail hour is definitely missing something here without you. Haven't even found a good bar yet.LOL. God Bless you Sweetheart.

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