Another Money Saving Shopping Tip For You

Whose not looking for ways to save money these days? Even the people that still have a job and have money to spend are living in fear of spending it in case tomorrow the 'other shoe drops'. I know my BF has been out of work for a year next month. We had no clue anything was wrong when he got canned. Everyone said how well liked he was, how good he was, blah, blah, blah. We thought he would be there until he couldn't work any more. Everyone thought he was terrific. Everyone but one very important decision maker, and it was his choice to let the BF go.

Like everyone else who has had their incomes cut, either by losing hours or their job, we are cutting corners in any areas that we can. One of those places is groceries and consumables, those items we need or want that we use again and again. Thank goodness there are so many sites and blogs on the internet right now that are playing to the economy and offering substantial discounts, deals, or free shipping. I for one, am back to clipping coupons also. Between the coupons and buying the things that are on sale, you can cut substantially off the cost of groceries.

One site you're probably not going to see listed with the rest of them is a site called Aisle 19. Aisle 19 is a site that is free to join, but it's by invitation only. Inside there are more than 600 stores (Target, Safeway, etc) and service sites (, 1-800-flowers). If you already shop online with a creditcard, this is a great money saving site. If you shop with a card that gives you cash rewards, that's even better because this site gives cash rewards on almost everything you buy. It's like getting double, plus there are a lot of deals they don't offer anywhere else and many have free shipping. All of this together can save you quite a bit.

If you would like to see how it works you can go here and watch the little 3 minute video and then go here as my "invited guest" to sign up. Happy saving/shopping!

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