Sexual Dysfunction in Women?

Apparently with all the talk about sexual dysfunction in men, they have decided now that they have Viagra and Cyalis, to concentrate on sexual dysfunction in women. If they could get women to buy into this, there is a whole lot more money to be made. These studies crack me up! There is no common sense. These are supposed scientific studies that are going to cure all our woes as far as women having problems sexually. Oh you goofy guys!

I got a newsletter in my email the other day. I follow this doctor because he's not the "norm" when it comes to scientific thinking. According to Dr. Douglass of the Douglass Report, there is a new study out that says that 43% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction and that the subjects used for this study ranged in age from, I think it was 18 to 100. Not only did they study how many women were sexually dysfunctional, but then how many were stressed about it. As you can imagine, the group closer to 100 admitted to being more sexually dysfunctional, and less stressed about it. LOL. Imagine that! Although, I don't know, I'm at age 55 and I'd probably be pretty upset to learn I was sexually dysfunctional.

Now, from my point of view, what really is "sexually dysfunctional" for women? I would say women become sexually dysfunctional when they don't get what they need emotionally from the mate they're with. For most of us we need that emotional connection, the love and affection that isn't generally necessary for a man to have sex with anything or any body. It's not that we can't have sex, it's more like we don't want to.

What else is different? Oh yeah, we were never really allowed to talk about sex, so when our bodies go through changes, we don't really know how to handle it. Who can we really talk to? By the time I'm post menopausal, mom either hasn't had sex in so long she can't remember, or she's dead. Either way, not a plus for me. If it wasn't for reading Cosmo and the Ky Jelly commercials on TV, I would probably figure I'm sexually dysfunctional also. Thank God for Cosmo telling us how to use the KY or I might still have a problem. LOL.

Then there's the fact that we've always been taught masturbating is wrong. If you're a man they told you you would go blind, if you're a female it never really came up. I grew up in the times that the books Xavier Hollander were written and free love was all over the place, so I had a little bit more open mind. If you don't know your own body, how can you introduce someone else? Your sexuality is much the same as any thing else, you have to experiment. You need to find out what feels good to you, what turns you on, before you can guide a partner. Our mothers taught us to just give in during sex. Cosmo and good books teach us how to experience sex, but you still need to put it into action. For most of us to try things on a partner we're not attached to would make us feel bad about ourselves. Why not try it on ourselves, by ourselves? Would clear up a whole lot of women and sexual dysfunctionality!

Really, when you're almost 100 yrs. old, do you think you're going to give a darn about sex one way or the other? No wonder they're less stressed. A bigger question for me by then is going to be something like "where in the heck did I leave my teeth?". lol.

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