Finishing Touches, Psycho Kitty, And Rent Control

It's been a little bit since I posted here. It's just so hard to rebuild, be a political activist, and post. LOL.

I'll start with the psycho kitty. I found her in our garage in the house we used to live in. The mother had abandoned her (now I find with good reason) and left her sitting on a shelf meowing. Of course I had to rescue her, so I brought her in the house and we bottle fed her "kitty formula" until she could eat and drink on her own. She had a pretty rough "kitty-hood". First she had to get all her kitty shots, which she didn't appreciate much. Then my son stepped on her little leg and she had to have a cast put on. When she was 4 months old I had her fixed, which now I'm wondering if that is part of her problem. Maybe I should have let her have a litter first. All these little trips to the vet, and I'm usually the one that takes her. Needless to say, she hated me until my kids grew up enough to leave home and I'm the only one she has left. LOL.

When we moved to the mobile, there is no way to let psycho-kitty outside. She goes completely psychotic out of her comfort zone. She needs glasses, and because she's so far sighted, she doesn't jump and stuff like other cats. When we lived in our other house, there was a fence around the yard but it was tall enough I don't think she could ever see to the top, so she never jumped and I never had to worry about her getting out. So, I decided we needed to do something so she could go outside here. Tom was very good and built a fence around the porch, which we had discussed doing anyway. It only took my black cat 2 days to teach the psycho kitty how to jump the porch, so we can't let her out anymore. She climbs the lattice. So now the plan is to put plastic or acrylic along the backside so she can't climb it like a ladder. What a pain. LOL.

As you can see from the pic above, I still don't have an office door. That green thing in the back is still the tarp that was there when I took the mobile back. Guess what? I put an ad under the "wanted" section of Craig's List for sliding doors, or exterior doors, and got a couple replies. Unfortunately, if you have sliders but don't have a frame, it's pretty tough to get the frame by itself, so that pretty much ruled that out. I had a guy willing to sell me the sliding glass doors cheap, but couldn't make it work. Then, a guy that had bought some flagstone from us and we gave an extra cast iron sink to if he would just take it, contacted me with exterior doors, window blinds, curtains, etc. I am so jazzed! He is super reasonable for pricing on his exterior doors and windows. He has the door jamb and everything!

So now that we may actually almost get this place finished, where do we stand? Well the City of Capitola reached an agreement with our park owner and amended our rent control ordinance. Talk about selling your soul to the devil! The City of Capitola signed the agreement thinking the owner would raise rents, etc. "in good faith". WRONG. He and his lawyers, Hart, King, and Coldren, aka HK&C have gone hog-wild. They handed out 252 page leases with many objectionable clauses. They are doing illegal 'Warehouse Lien Sales' or at least one that I know of (because it's me), and anything else they can do to get ahold of the mobile homes in here. They raised rents to double and quadruple what the appraiser for the City of Capitola's unbiased appraiser says they should be, and that appraisal was done based on the infrastructure being in good condition here, which it is not.

Sam Storey, Mike Termini- City Council
Mayor Norton
Needless to say, since the amendment to the rent control ordinance, while the City of Capitola may have dodged two lawsuits (that they very likely would have won) they became the subject of two more lawsuits. One they already won, although they shouldn't have, and I hope the fighting for that one isn't over yet. The other won was some of the residents in the park against the park owner. The park owner then filed a cross-complaint against the City. At the end of August, the Capitola City Council held a meeting to repeal rent control completely. That was considered the "first reading". The "second reading" and to make it into an ordinance was to happen Sept. 8th. Surprise! At the Sept. 8th meeting, the Capitola City Council voted to shelve the repeal "indefinitely". We'll see how long "indefinitely" is. The Mayor, during a break after the vote says it's only the next month or two.

We've already lost some of our neighbors who weren't able to afford the higher rents. A lot of us are still here fighting, although it's tough since most are low income seniors and lawyers cost money. Which, by the way, if you care to donate anything, anything at all to our "legal fund" please contact me at Any amount would be appreciated. In the meantime, I've posted a couple pics below of our new neighbors. I wish I could catch some of the cubs, but haven't been successful so far. LOL.
Mama shares the catfood on the porch

She likes crackers. Drew her out for a pic

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