Staying Positive In the Midst of Doom and Gloom

No matter where you turn these days the economy is more than in a downhill slump. Between people losing their homes, their jobs and having to turn to local shelters for food, it's pretty scary. Not quite sure what to expect when Obama takes office. I know a lot of what he talked about while campaigning scared me. We had a business that made $300,000.00 (gross) a year and went broke. There's no way we could afford to pay medical for everyone and pay higher taxes like he wants to do to small business making $250,000.00 or more.

Whether the problems are caused by our own lack of education, lack of discipline, or deceptive business practices (like many of the mortgage problems), if you're in the middle of it it's not fun.

Luckily, when it comes to education there is so much free information on the internet for anyone who wants to learn almost anything.

One of the things I've learned about since wanting to learn to do business and marketing on the internet is about "Giveaways". Giveaways are where many marketers get together in one location and give all kinds of stuff away. It may be ebooks, it may be club memberships, it may be software. Some are all about marketing, but many cover other subjects like self-improvement, etc. This time of year there are a bunch of them and a lot of them have some really neat stuff like Christmas Cookie Recipe books, decorations you can print and have children color, all kinds of things.

I have put together a "debt and credit" package for one of these giveaways. There's software for figuring numbers before taking out a car loan, etc. A book on a "Debt Free Lifestyle" another one on "100 Legal Ways to Fix Your Credit", etc. If you would be interested in getting this package and maybe seeing some of the other stuff they have, you can just click on the banner below. Registration is free. In fact everything is free. LOL. You do usually have to give your name and email address to get whatever gifts you pick out, but you can always "unsubscribe" at anytime (it's the law). I hope you enjoy and find lots of useful items.

This giveaway goes to the end of December.

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