Stop The Travesty! Updates on Gardasil

I don't know how many of you read my original post on Gardasil about 3 weeks after my oldest daughter got her 3rd shot. She had decided to do this on her own without my knowledge (she's 27 now). By the 3rd week after her 3rd shot her arm was still so sore that she couldn't raise it past her shoulder. She had been having trouble working and was starting to become concerned and finally told me about it.

I did quite a bit of research at that time and was quite alarmed to find how many adverse reactions had been reported and how many side effects were never mentioned by Merk. At that time I believe the death toll was about 9 girls. Here we are less than a year later and the numbers are staggering, and they are still promoting this to be safe and effective for all girls. The death toll was up to 29 as of January of this year, emergency room visits up to over 5000.

Now they are talking about starting little girls as young as 9 years old, giving it to boys to stop the virus where it starts, and some states are still talking about making it mandatory. I can see why Merk doesn't want to acknowledge what's happening. They're making a fortune on this drug, but to whose expense? I was astounded to see the number of videos on YouTube that were dedicated to the memory of young, vibrant, healthy girls that either have no life anymore due to their lack of ability to do anything, to actually dying after having the vaccine.

I am begging you if you have a daughter or know someone who has a daughter between the ages of 9 and 26 years old, please go to and get the facts about this vaccine that is murdering our children. Please sign the petition to stop this insanity. Also, go to YouTube and search "Gardasil" and watch some of these tragic stories. Listen to the mothers who either have no daughter anymore, or live with guilt and regret every day over the decision to get their daughters vaccinated.

Ask President Obama if he's going to have his girls vaccinated with Gardasil when they are old enough. If not, why is it good enough for our daughters but not for his? I bet with a little education Michelle would have something to say about that.

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Anonymous said...

This is a case of knowledge is power.

Please take a few minutes and watch this important video on the potential dangers --and limited benefits--of the Gardasil vaccine and consider sharing it.

Please share this with anyone you know who may be considering the vaccine for their daughters or themselves.

Thank you so much!