About Gardisil

Gardasil has been the new darling of the medical advertising world these days along with those that impose vaccinations on our children. Now that it has been out on the market for a little over a year, the truth is starting to roll in.

First of all I would like to say that as a consumer, I am trusting anything done by Merk (major prescription drug manufacturing company) less and less. It seems from everything I have read, it is becoming more and more apparent they have no morals and no conscience when it comes to selling their drugs. In more than one instance they seem to hide information that is derogatory concerning the outcome of their testing and their reports seem to be more fabrication than fact. Unfortunately for the public, we don't learn how dangerous these drugs really are until they have already been unleashed with fatal or near fatal consequences. Gardasil is just one example.

My oldest daughter is 26. She went thru the whole 3-shot series. As with many others, the first 2 shots produced no unusual side effects. With the third shot in the series however, it has been 3 weeks and she still suffers with pain in her arm that is painful enough she can't raise her arm above shoulder height. When she called me to ask what I thought I didn't know enough about it to help her one way or another. That is when I did the research that everyone should do before subjecting themselves to what can possibly happen with this vaccine.

This vaccine is not the "holy grail" of cervical cancer the way it's presented to be. Merk did such a good job of marketing not only do 38 states make the vaccine mandatory, but they also are considering giving it to boys. I guess they figure they will kill the Human Papilova Virus where they say it starts. It also only kills 4 strains out of 40 possible strains of the virus, and they say those 4 would probably cure themselves without any treatment at all! What the doctor is not likely to tell you along with the above is that according to a Journal of the American Medical Association study, less than two percent of all women develop the two types of HPV that are responsible for 70 percent of all cervical cancers. American Cancer Society guidelines state that 90 percent of adolescent HPV infections are resolved without treatment – the same is true for about 75 percent of HPV infections in adults.

At least seven young women died suddenly shortly after receiving the vaccine, although in some cases the exact cause of death hasn't been determined. One of the patients who died suffered a blood clot three hours after receiving the vaccine. Two other patients (aged 12 and 19) died from "heart problems and/or blood clotting." Merck & Co. representatives had decided not to continue their controversial campaign to encourage state legislatures across the country to make Merck's HPV vaccine mandatory for young schoolgirls.

The adverse reactions that have been recorded in less than two years by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (maintained by the Center of Disease Control and the FDA):

1,981 emergency room visits
143 hospitalizations
68 cases of permanent disability
51 life-threatening events
5 deaths
(There seems to be a slight discrepancy on whether it's 5 or 7 deaths, but any is too many).

While I believe in many cases vaccines are necessary, with all of the news lately about giving too many vaccines at once to our babies, and flu shots are only about 40% effective, yet they scare us into getting them every year, I don't follow as blindly as I used to.

Disclaimer: I am not licensed in any healthcare capacity. The above is my opinion based on my own research which you should probably do for your self also.

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Carol said...

Very interesting!!!! I have been contemplating this shot for my DD--she has some special needs that affect her impulse control, so we are aware that there is a good chance that she may make some bad decisions in the area of sexual relationships (and it doesn't take a bad decision, either, if someone has the disease and just isn't aware of it)...anyhow, I've been thinking about this, and now, after reading your post, I realize I need to do a little more research before I decide. Thanks for an informational post!

Lauri Ann said...

Thanks for stopping by Carol. I'm so glad you found this helpful. Even if you go ahead with the shot, hopefully this helps a little on what to look for in the way of side effects. I just wish this was one that was as good as all the hype.