Swine Flu Vaccine- Deadly or Preventative?

I'm getting a bit spooked lately. We're coming to the end of summer and soon the leaves will be turning color to bring our attention to fall. The children are getting back to school and soon will be bringing home the sicknesses ever present when a bunch of school children first get back together. In most places October marks the beginning of flu season and we see the warnings and advice to get our flu shots before the flu gets us.

What spooks me this year is they are already talking about getting flu shots and making it mandatory for school children due to the Swine Flu breaking out last year. I'm supposed to believe that this year's flu vaccine is perfectly safe for my children, my 78 yr. old mother and myself, even tho I can't see how they have had time to go through any testing or trials. Usually it takes years for Big Pharma to bring a product to market, even when they fudge the tests and lie about the outcomes. How is it that they can have a flu vaccine that is going to protect, is perfectly safe, and not harm my family even though they've only been working on it since last year?

As if that is not scary enough, they are suggesting Tamiflu for pregnant women. This is because complications may arize from the flu that require hospitalization. One example I saw on the noon news, they were actually giving the woman a double dosage, even though they have no idea what the effect will be on her unborn child. According to the "Patient Information" sheet supplied by the maker of Tamiflu, "Tamiflu is normally not recommended for use during pregnancy or nursing, as the effects on the unborn child or nursing infant are unknown." We're supposed to put our faith and trust in these doctors.

Once again I will have my family skip flu shots this year and use natural health measures to boost immunities rather than take a chance on Big Pharma's help. I don't want to find out later that it's hurting more people than helping as in the case of when they were going to make Gardasil mandatory.

First up is more Vitamin D. From an article I read they have basically come to the conclusion that flu season hits when it does because we are not out in the sunshine as much. The days are shorter and colder and our exposure to sunlight, especially on rainy days is minimal. A nationwide study in the U.S. found about 9 percent of the children were vitamin D deficient but 61 percent of them were vitamin D insufficient. Researchers are looking at possible new recommendations regarding how much Vitamin D and calcium we should be taking given these new statistics. Right now the recommendations are to aim for 800-1000 IU of vitamin D each day with at least 400 IU coming from food sources if possible. A multivitamin-mineral supplement may be the way to go to make up the remainder if you find that you are low in other key nutrients as well. If not, you could take a vitamin D supplement with calcium to help with healthier bones as well. When selecting a vitamin D supplement, select one that contains cholecalciferol or D3 if possible because of its better absorption. In addition, to maximize your supplement absorption, take your supplement with a meal or snack that contains some fat.

Even though it's taken some bashing in the papers, I personally am also a big fan of Echinacia. It comes in either a tablet or liquid form. For my family it has helped cut short colds and stopped colds from taking over when taken in advance to being exposed. I also believe in taking plenty of vitamin C. Being a smoker I use up just about all I take in. They say if you smoke you should take up to 3000 mg per day. The current recommendation from the FDA is only 250 mg which is just what's needed to prevent Scurvy. The more useful recommendation is approx. 1000 mg. per day according to the studies I've read.

One of the biggest things is to not believe everything Big Pharma puts out. Do some research on your own, and don't panic. For more information regarding symptoms, etc. see my post Swine Flu-Fact or Fiction

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