While We Are Waiting For Materials To Rebuild Our Mobile Home...

old bar/new office
While we've been waiting to find materials we need to rebuild our mobile home, we've been packing and planning. Tom is the "engineer" type, so he's very good at drawing out a room, figuring dimensions, etc. Some of the furniture we have here is furniture that came out of the mobile home when I sold it, so we will just take it back and set it up similar to how it was before. I didn't realize until showing the place we're in to prospective renters, but some of the furniture we have now is just LARGE.

I have a couple of favorite pieces that mean alot to me as they have sentimental value, so I would like to be able to take them with us. Enter Tom. He has been taking the dimensions we have for the mobile home and measuring our furniture to see if it will fit and where. God Bless him, because it looks like it will work. We have decided to turn what used to be the bar area off the front porch into an office with it's own entryway.(The part that has the attractive (lol) green tarp).
condition of "office" at mobile (porch)

my office now not including bookcases

As you can see, I have a ton of stuff "stuffed" into my office where we live now. Tom has measured all pieces and says everything will fit including the couple of little bookcases I have that aren't pictured here.

In the livingroom I have a hutch also that is very important to me, but it looks like that's a "go" also. I am so happy! The only thing I see we can't put up in the mobile home will be the King size bed we've gotten rather used to sleeping on, but there is just no way! I will sacrifice going back to a Queen to get my dresser and his Armoire in. Once again, very oversized furniture when you consider if you buy an old mobile with the dresser drawers and everything built in.

If anyone has done this before, or knows of salvage yards basically all mobile home stuff, I'd love to hear. You would think with Capitola having a ton of old mobile homes that there would be a really good salvage yard over there. The one on 38th is great, but not much for a mobile home. So now you know what we're doing while we're waiting for materials to rebuild our mobile home. Never a dull moment. LOL

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