Day 13- Great Day For Rebuilding a Mobile Home

We took a trip over to Capitola to check on the mobile home today. Haven't been over there in almost 2 weeks. I was half afraid. I didn't know if the Perp had been back, and if he had didn't want to know what else he had done. Legally he had until tomorrow to get his shed off my lot, and it appears he did exactly that. (Darn it. Nice shed. LOL). He must have come and done it all in the middle of the night or something, because it would have taken a pretty big truck and my "Watchdog" never heard or saw a thing. Everything else though was as we had left it. Thank you God.

I had put a couple of ads on Craig's List asking for anyone who was remodeling and getting rid of their old stuff to please consider us. (In fact I need to do that again) This really nice lady emailed me and had me send her my email so she could keep in touch after my ad ran out (or got toppled with multiple others). She has been wonderful! She not only had a kitchen sink for us, but she has done a ton of remodeling, some even in a mobile home, so she is a great source of information for some of the stuff I want to do. God Bless her! You just never know when God will put just the right person in your path. LOL. I ran an idea for the bathroom shower over tub we have by her this morning, and she was able to tell me what would not work, which is the part I would like to skip (getting it wrong part).

It felt so good today going over there and putting the kitchen sink and garbage disposal where they will be, approximately. It actually helped get more of a vision of where everything will go, precisely what we need, and how much room to do it in. I know that it is a much larger project than what I am envisioning,
that nothing is ever easy, but I'm excited. It's amazing how one small step in the right direction can do that!
It was a great day for rebuilding a mobile home.

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John said...

This sounds like progress and persistence, keep going!