Packing and Weeding Out More Stuff

As I've been going through packing, getting ready for the "big move", I realize that even though we downsized quite a bit when we left our last house, I need to do some more. Instead of helping my friend with his yard sale, I better start thinking about holding our own.

I mean, really?
The duplex we're in now is about 1000 sq. ft, 3br./2bath. It's pretty decent size. The mobile home is approx. 750 sq. ft., only a 2br./1 bath, although we are planning to build another 1/2 bath onto the 2nd bedroom. I have collections that I'll never have room to display. I have a huge dining room table that is hoping to be refinished one day. I'll never have space for that. It would take up most of our livingroom! LOL. While I have a big hutch that I am taking with me, I don't need all the dozens of wine glasses, and mismatches that I have held onto.

One thing I learned in the last move is that it is only "stuff". So as I'm packing I will be weeding out more stuff. Where's George Carlin when I need him? LOL

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