15 Days Are up. Are We Tenants Or Not? Life Rebuilding.

Well it's March 1st and we're still working away here at the mobile home. As I mentioned before in the post on February 13th, the park owner has been fighting us the whole way, though things have been very quiet lately. I had to get my lawyer involved (another expense) and he worked out a compromise with the park owner's lawyers just to get us an application for tenancy. We met the park owner's pre-conditions and I turned the application into the park manager on Feb. 11th. He's supposed to have 15 days for processing. I expected him to use all 15 days, but now it's past that and I don't have an approval or denial. I'm hoping he loses by default, but have a call into my lawyer to find out. In the meantime...
Old Bathroom Set up

New Medicine Chest
The same lady I told you about on Day 13 that was one of the first to help us with some stuff from the remodeling of her house, also had a medicine chest that I bought from her. She gave me a really good price and I just fell in love with it. It works perfect color-wise in our bathroom and it's wood instead of one of those (ugly) metal ones. You know how I mentioned about "cheap labor"? It hits me where I live. LOL. No, that is not a design around the new medicine chest. That is where Tom disliked the rock that the Perp had put on the wall so much, that he pulled it off. When he saw the look of horror on my face, he said "That idiot didn't have a wall or anything behind the rock. I'll figure out something to go around it. Don't worry." Honey, I am looking at insulation of the mobile there. Oh well...LOL.

He totally redeemed himself with this one though. I now have my kitchen floor. Yeah! And it looks so pretty!  We went from this:                                                                                
                                                                                                to this:

Before Laminate
After Laminate..

Not bad aye? Thanks to Tom and our wonderful flooring guy, Bay Area Flooring Broker.

Look here. There's a little bit of the wall so you can see the color, and then see that baseboard? That's not cheap rubber or plastic, Baby. That's a nice wood base. Pretty cool! I thought about sleeping on this floor I was so happy!

Colors Coming Together
 Just for kicks, here's a picture of the "Sidewalk Superintendent".  
Bear At Work

 If anyone is remodeling in the San Francisco South Bay or Santa Cruz County area and wanting to get rid of the old stuff, we are still looking for:

  • A gas, free standing oven and range, and possibly range hood
  • Cupboards (we have cupboards, but not enough. If you have some like these or you have enough to do the whole kitchen in something else, that would be terrific!)
Scott, Tom's son is fixing the gas and water lines as we speak, so, till the next step...             

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