More Goofiness Regarding The Swine Flu

I can't believe what I received in my inbox this morning. It was a letter from a doctor imploring people to not purposely expose themselves and their children to the Swine flu or H1N1 Virus, whichever you prefer.

Does this really have to be pointed out? I'm old enough to remember the days when my mother sent me out to play with every sick kid in the neighborhood so I could catch the chickenpox, measles, etc. and get it over with. People, if you think getting the swine flu now will save you later, that's not how the swine flu virus works. Not only that but if you have some underlying medical issue, maybe one you don't even know about, it can kill you! Of course the regular flu is deadly for some also, but this stuff is too dangerous to mess around with.

If you read my last post that started out about Obama Healthcare, as you read down further it explains about how I feel about the swine flu vaccine. To me that's sort of like playing Russian Roulette. They haven't tested it properly. The drug makers are not responsible if people die from it. I think that's 2 good reasons to stay away from it right there.

Like everyone else is pushing these days, the best protection from the swine flu is to wash your hands often and keep them away from your face (specifically eyes, nose, and mouth). Try to stay away from overly crowded public places. Build your immune system. I myself am lucky enough to be a distributor for the #1 vitamin maker in the world so I take my multivitamin, echinacea (I know they tried to say echinacea doesn't work, but in our family this particular one has been a Godsend), and Calcium with Vitamin D. Of course, the best vitamin D is from sunshine, but now that it's starting to turn cold and getting dark earlier, a lot of us can't get what we need from the sun. Like anything, the better quality your vitamins and supplements are, the better your immunity to the swine flu.

For a comprehensive list of swine flu symptoms and the swine flu versus the regular flu, please see my post "Swine Flu-Fact or Fiction?" I have the basic symptoms to watch out for broken down in the various age groups.

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