Ma'am vs. Senator, Integrity vs. Kiting

I don't write on this blog a whole lot, because I have a tendency to save it for things I'm really passionate about. As a Californian, I'm really passionate about 1) I don't believe Barbara Boxer should even be in office 2) I'm passionate about a US Senator being so egotistical about being called a "Senator" vs. "Ma'am" from a military officer, that she obviously sees as beneath her, as she's drilling him on something she doesn't understand. I'm also very passionate about the fact that she says "I worked so hard for that title" while she was "allegedly" check kiting in California, and that she would never be where she is if people voted with intelligence instead of the name they've heard the most on TV.

I am a military brat. My father was in the Marines. I wear it proudly now, even if I didn't enough when I was younger. As a military brat, I was raised to say "Sir" and "Ma'am". This officer did not say it as a defiance, as a derogatory thing. He said it as he would address a woman. I am sure if the "Senator" that stated what she did had been a man, he just as probably would have said "Sir".

I am always astounded at how stupid this woman can be, and I don't know why. Being that she is from California, I should be used to it! Take a look and see what you think. Feel free to leave a comment and even if you're a "Boxer" fan, I will approve it. Just remember, I had her for years in California first. LOL.

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