It's Getting To Be That 'Christmas' Time of Year...

This is soooo cool!

It's getting to be that time of year again, where the days are getting shorter, school's back in, and Halloween is fast approaching. It's just a fast downhill slide to Christmas from here! There's always some smart ass in every crowd that knows exactly how many shopping days are left. Usually I'm the first one to tell someone to be quiet when they mention the Holidays, because I am one of those last minute shoppers in the stores till the last possible minute on Christmas Eve.

If you want to make life easier on yourself this year and want to give a gift that will be remembered forever, you've gotta take a look at this! It's called the "Ribbon Program". The person you give to receives a 'gift album', sort of like a catalogue. They go thru and pick out what they want (there's no prices, because you've already paid for it), and use the number on the gift card to go online and order. There are 21 different gift albums in a wide price range (if you buy 4 of the Variety Albums @ $25 you get 1 Album FREE!)

These are perfect for the person on your list that has everything, or someone who is just hard to shop for. It was great when my kids were teens. (They're so fussy and this gave them lots of choices so I couldn't get the 'wrong thing') I've gotten the "Wedding" one for my getting married friends, the "Variety" one to have on hand in case I need a gift at the last minute, and the "Baby" one I gave to my Neice and Nephew for their first child. Everyone that I have ever given one of these to just loves the gift and the experience.

To take a look just click on the link If you want to shop, just register under "My Account" and your set to go! Instead of fighting the crowds, bring the store to you this year.

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