I Don't Want To Grow Bent...

Boy, the older I get the faster the time goes. I can't believe it has been almost a month since I have updated this blog! I promise to add fresher content more often in the future, (I promise myself).

I have noticed over the last few years as I care for my aging mother, that she has started to slump. She walks a little bent over all of the time. What bothers me about this is that my whole life she was always telling me to "Stand up straight. Don't slouch", which of course I did slouch because I was so much bigger than the other kids. When you're first going thru puberty, the last thing you want to do is stick your boobs out there so everybody can make fun of the changes that you're already feeling self concious about. She always had very good posture, yet now I am seeing her hunched over and have to bite my tongue to keep from telling her to "Stand up straight".

When I saw this in my inbox this morning from Bottom Line I found it very interesting. First, I don't want to walk hunched over and second, that's what they said my mother's problem was was osteoperosis. According to this it very well could be because she just sits on her a** all day watching TV. (Now I try to stand up as straight as possible because I want to stick my boobs out. It beats them dragging on the floor!) LOL.

Answers to Your Questions from Bottom Line Experts
How can I prevent getting a humped back?

A: This condition usually can be reversed or prevented by stretching the groin ligaments, which "pull" the pelvis forward, realigning the pelvis and the spine toward normal curvature.
Stretch the backs of your legs by sitting "Indian-style" for at least 30 minutes a day -- ordinary stretching exercises are not adequate.
Walking also stretches these ligaments -- walk for 12 minutes every other day, then work up to an hour a day or more.
To stretch more, get up from a sitting position. Then stand with your hip jutting to the left, lean to the right with your left arm extended over your head, then reverse. Do this several times a day.
Surprisingly, most humped backs are not caused by osteoporosis. The main culprit often is sedentary behavior. Over many years, sitting causes ligaments in the groin to shorten and atrophy. As this happens, the normal forward lumbar curve increases, compressing the lumbar disks and resulting in a humped back.

Our inside source: Jerome F. McAndrews, DC, spokesman for American Chiropractic Association, Arlington, Virginia.

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