Which One?

I am standing in a gas station mini-mart about 1:00 am after helping a friend out with his project, dieing of thirst, in front of the bottled water. After all the research I've done, and all the articles on bottled water I've read,(see article on ) I don't know which one to choose as the healthiest choice. I don't trust any of them! Now I know some of them are just glorified tap water, some can say they are 'spring water' if they come from a manmade hole in the ground (one near a dumpsite), and the reverse osmosis ones that have been stripped of all the good stuff along with the bad. Now I drink a lot of water and unfortunately, I'm not always home where I have access to what I know is good, filtered water. (See the 'e-spring' at ) I can understand why consumer's are clammoring for consumer labels on the bottles, and why the International Bottled Water Association is fighting it so hard! What one would I choose if I really knew what I was doing?

I finally ended up with a bottle of 'Fiji-Natural Artisian Water'. It wasn't that I think it's the best. I just know what the others are. Are these the same Artisian's that used to make Olympia Beer?
I figured good for me or not, it took me on a little vacation in my mind to the Fiji Islands. That was more than the others had to offer.

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