I Can't Believe It!

I just finished blogging on bottled water and how I chose Fiji and look what I found right afterward!

Bottled Water Ad Slams Cleveland, Joke May Be On Them
Ad Puts Cleveland On Defensive Over Water

CLEVELAND -- An advertisement slams Cleveland, but the joke may be on a bottled water company instead.
The battle of the bottled water puts water from Fiji vs. Lake Erie.
The ads for Fiji Water sold around the world proclaim that "The label says Fiji because it's not bottled in Cleveland."
The back of the bottle contains information about trade winds purifying island water -- water not affected by acid rain and other pollutants.
NewsChannel5 learned the ad was tough to swallow for the Cleveland Water Department, which did its own water analysis.
Officials said their test results showed Cleveland's treated drinking water is better quality than Fiji Water. They said Fiji Water had the highest levels of arsenic and other contaminants.
NewsChannel5 held a blind taste test.
"I never had Fiji Water. I thought Cleveland was much more refreshing," one tennis player said.
The taste testers preferred Cleveland water.
"Just not as good as I thought it would be and not worth the price," one man said.
Fiji president Edward Cochran said his company's tests have found much lower levels of arsenic in Fiji Water than Cleveland did. He questions the validity of the city's study, saying it was not an independent test.

Just can't trust anybody!LOL.

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Ancient Paths said...

Thank you for your comment to my "Bottled Water" post today. :) This was kind of funny. LOL I'm so glad we drink well water from 200' below ground! No chlorine or other chemicals, not to mention someone's whatever medicine that's been running through the water system. Scary stuff!

May you be blessed ~
Lisa W