The Weatherman's Favorite Word- "Unseasonably"

When you live in Northern California for so many years, as I did, you hear a lot of things about different parts of Southern California. "San Diego is beautiful." "There's nothing like shopping on Rodeo Drive." Everyone knows the part of Los Angeles that you go through to get to Disneyland.

Something I always heard about Palm Springs (or Palm Desert where we are) is that it's hotter than Haites down here. We ended up moving down here the first week of February last year. I figured moving down here early in the year we would acclimate to the heat as the weather warmed up. Nobody ever mentioned "wind chill factor" in relation to the desert temperatures. We just about froze to death for the first 2 months we were here. Come the end of April, it started warming up. I'm thinking this is just going to be one of those "hot" weeks like we used to get up North, you know, when nature teases you that summer's here but then at the end of the week the real weather is back.

Instead, the hot weather persisted and proceeded to get hotter. This is the beginning of May! That is when the word "unseasonably" started popping up a lot. The weatherman was saying it was "unseasonably hot". Then it was "unseasonably hot and humid". My neighbors were saying "Oh it's not usually like this". Leave it to us to get so lucky. LOL.

I never realized what an effect humidity had on heat until moving to the "dry" desert. It didn't take me long to get used to no humidity. My sinuses were doing better, the 100 degree heat only felt like 80, maybe. When there's humidity in the air, all of a sudden 100 degrees feels like 120.

Another gentleman I met here in our community told me when I first met him, "We have a couple of months of really hot weather, but then we have just beautiful winters." Well Honey, it's winter now and what I'm hearing from the weatherman is "temperatures are 'unseasonably' low this week" (and the week before that). My ray of hope is "temperatures will rise over the next couple of days. It will be 33 degrees, not quite reaching freezing temps."

As usual, I guess "beautiful winters" are in the eye of the beholder.

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