Day 89- Shoestring Budget Rebuilding: A Hodge-Podge in Design

cupboards in original kitchen
When you're rebuilding a kitchen on a shoestring budget, you have to have a little vision. Between having two different and incomplete sets of cupboards, and all the rain we've had ruining a few before we could get them in the house, my vision was becoming a little blurry. LOL.

my hodge-podge of cupboards
I consider myself somewhat of a traditionalist and rather conservative. I'm one of those people that when you're putting things together they should match. Needless to say I was not a happy camper when Tom told me my upper cabinets were going to be the beautiful wood cabinets I love so much, but the bottom cabinets were going to be the white cabinets we had originally found on Craig's List. Due to the rain over the last couple of weeks, the project had been delayed, so in the meantime I have searching Craig's List like crazy to find more wooden cabinets to save me. No luck. As the cabinets are getting attached to the kitchen walls, I'm thinking "man, this kitchen is going to look like just what it is, a hodge-podge of cabinets off of Craig's List". 

As if to tell me what an ungrateful brat I was being, over the last few days I have come across 2 kitchens in other people's homes that were a combination of cupboards just like mine will be, and they actually paid to have them that way! One of my neighbors happened to have her sliding glass door and drapes open that peer right into her kitchen as you pass by. I immediately noticed that she had brown, wood-like cupboards on the top and white cupboards on the bottom.Actually didn't look so bad. Then I went over to another neighbors, and her cupboards were white with wood-like doors, and even this bright blue paint around some of the upper ones. (No, we're not going that far. LOL).

As a final, final, I looked up images of kitchens online. That really made me feel better because I could have actually paid someone for this:
This is another kitchen that has been "designed". It blends the wood and the white. I don't think I would be really big on the red.
So now it turns out that I don't have a "hodge-podge kitchen" built for free from Craig's List. I'm "trendy". LOL. Speaking of which, I better get going putting stuff away, even if I did just receive another turn down for tenancy from the mobile home park owner. 

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