Here's To The New Year and The New Life

One of the choices I have made for the New Year is to make better use of this blog. I usually try to bring to the forfront news items that I think are important for people to pay more attention to that really don't seem to get enough attention from the media. I still plan on doing that, but as the title says, I am going to start using this more for everything that is going on with me, news, daily life, rants,etc. I'm thinking if I use it like that, maybe I'll get more use out of it, because I really was considering just deleting it. So here's to a New Year, new start on the blog, new start on life, etc. etc. etc.

I'm still working on tying up the loose ends of 2008. Well actually I have loose ends all the way back to 2002. One new thing for me is fighting procrastination. Another is to focus and finish what I start. Actually that's two, but they seem to go hand in hand. I'm learning some new ways on time management (which is a misnomer because what we really need to manage is us) and have adopted a new planner on line.

I get very excited and motivated this time of year. I'm still hoping to get up a membership site for all my old friends and aquaintances from Ron's farmhouse and the bars everybody spread to. I don't make it out much so it will help me reconnect as well. I'd love to know where everybody's hanging these days and what everybody's up to. It'll be 2 yrs. in April since we closed. Time sure flies!

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