Please, Be Diligent This Halloween!

I've written a lot on here about tainted petfood, recalled candy, etc. I grew up in a time when the thing you had to watch out for was razor blades in candybars and apples. You could only eat homemade goodies if they came from your neighbors that you knew hadn't laced them with poison or drugs. While my 3 children were growing up, when they came home after trick-or-treating, we threw out all homemade goodies, threw out candy that looked like it had been wrapped and rewrapped, and anything that looked like a it could have a needle hole. Now in my grandchildren's time (if I had any) you have to watch out that the manufacturer doesn't poison you with ingredients imported from China. While big names like Cadbury and Hershey's both say none of their candy in the US contained any of the tainted products, there are still items that have been and are still being sold here. If you shop at Target, you need to watch the following video. Please have a safe Halloween.

While Melamine itself may not be quite so harmful, here is why it has been such a huge problem.

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