A Little More About Drugs On the Take

I just received this little gem in my inbox this AM. If you've noticed you don't hear so much about drugs coming in from Canada anymore, you might want to read this.

From: Jenny Thompson at

I got the lowdown from a 2006 NPR broadcast in which health policy correspondent Julie Rovner explained that U.S. customs started cracking down on drugs crossing the border just as the sign-up period began for the Medicare prescription drug plan. The speculation: If low-priced drugs from Canada weren't available, people would have no choice but to sign up for the Medicare plan (which, by the way, is designed to be a big beautiful gift to the drug industry). Then in October 2006 – just before the midterm elections – customs eased up on restrictions. The speculation: Perhaps voters who lived near the Canadian border would feel more positive about incumbents up for reelection if they could once again purchase Canadian drugs more freely. See how it works? Whenever you hear "safety concerns," just insert "political concerns," and it all makes perfect sense.

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