"Ditch Your New Year's Resolutions" Day- Pt 2

Always January 17th- I love this! I think everyone should have a "plan B". I don't have any to ditch today, even tho one of my resolutions is to quit smoking (I don't know if there's enough drugs in the world), but it is to 'quit smoking this year' so I still have plenty of time to work on it. LOL.

For those of you who would like some inspiration for your resolutions outside of the normal “Top 10”, here are some we should all probably consider. It is never too late or never too early to make a fresh start.

1.) Call an old friend you haven’t been in touch with for awhile. It’s amazing how people love to know you’re thinking of them. Heck, call more than one.

2.) Stop and tell the people the people you love, you love them, or how much they mean to you. It’s so easy to say “I love you” automatically. Instead, take the time to actually say it so you know they feel it. We have a tendency to take so much for granted.

3.) Don’t blow molehills into mountains. As they say “this too shall pass”, (whoever “they” is). We all have challenges. Sometimes it’s the way we think of them that make them large or small. Keep moving toward the light at the end of the tunnel.

4.) Grow your sense of humor, it’ll help with #3 above. Remember what it was like the last time you really laughed? Try looking at things from a “funny side”.

5.) Be encouraging to yourself and those around you. It’s so easy for us to be discouraging, sometimes without even knowing it. Try looking at things like a child who believes anything is possible.

And for those who are hell-bent on keeping some resolutions, here are a few that would be easy to keep. (Some of these are sort of ‘borrowed’ from Mike Douglas over at, with my commentary thrown in).

1.) I want to be plump, beautiful, and look like the actresses of yesterday instead of the anorexic Barbie dolls of today.

2.) Assert yourself. Never surrender the control of that TV remote to anyone in the house.

3.) Be more self-absorbed: All me, all the time. (How To Win Friends and Influence People) LOL

4.) Buy your husband a cookbook. One can't always eat in a restaurant. It’s time he learned how to cook some decent food. His cooking was hopeless last year. (If you’re a man reading this, it’s probably not that she can’t cook, she probably just doesn’t want to).

5.) Procrastinate forever. Why do today what you can postpone for how long?
(I know this is 6, so this isn’t ‘symmetrical’, so to speak, but I had to add in my favorite)

6.) Last but not least, get your husband or boyfriend to take on exercising in a big way. You deserve someone hung like Brad Pitt. (Once again, if you’re a man reading this, don’t try it the other way around. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never turn us into all boobs and butt and no mouth). LOL

I think that’s enough to think about the New Year for now. Have a great day and “get rid of the guilt”.

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