Our Share in Decommercializing Christmas

I think we all agree Christmas gets more commercialized every year. They’re putting Christmas items in the stores before we’re even thru with Halloween. They’re playing Christmas Music before Thanksgiving, and the stores are so worried about the bottom line, they’re opening at midnite and 4 am the day after Thanksgiving. This year the “Christmas Sales” were starting in October. More and more of us hate Christmas every year due to the stress of making everything perfect for every one around us.

Christmas giving should be a time of joy and happiness. Instead it’s so easy to fall into “the trap”.
We’re running all over trying to find the perfect gift for those we love, spending more and more that we can’t afford. The credit card companies love us! Then there’s the feeling of embarrassment when someone gives us an expensive gift and we cannot reciprocate in kind. The mothers and fathers are both working, and the children only know what they see on TV. As parents work longer hours to pay for just the necessities, our children don’t learn what it’s like to bake with there mothers and give to the neighbors. Heck, a lot of us don’t even know our neighbors unless our children go to school together.

I would say we all need to get back to the ‘true meaning of Christmas’, but we all know what would happen if there were absolutely no gifts involved. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure the Whos in Whoville are the only ones in the world that can have all their Christmas trees and Christmas gifts stolen by the Grinch and still sing. LOL.

This year let’s see what we can do to bring back the love of Christmas, the quality time we spend with loved ones, and remember how much fun it is to give with thought more than money.

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