Aha! Bottled Water in the News

I just couldn't hardly wait to get on here after seeing the news last nite. Pepsico has come out and said their "Aquafina" is from the 'Public Water Supply'. Now, I personally don't remember getting any kind of "Quality Control Report" with every bottle of Aquafina I bought. Which PWS are we drinking from when we buy bottled water? What's in it?
Now that Pepsico has rolled over on the bottled water industry, I would think it's only a matter of time before we hear more from other companies. I also think that if Pepsico is putting their source of water on their new labels, they must have an idea of where they think the fight over better labeling on our bottled water is going. It's time for them to get honest! If you missed it last nite you can see the story here- The only sure way to protect yourself is by filtering your own water. Why do we "pay" to put in our bodies who knows what?
Espring was named one of the top countertop filters for your tap in Consumer Reports for filtering out the most possible bacteria from our water. To learn more about Espring visit me at

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